Special Event: Moleskine Pen + Paper Tablet – Creative Cloud Connected Launch

I rarely go to events that do not involve books in some form or fashion.  But when I received an invitation to try the new Moleskine Pen + Paper Tablet, curiosity got the better of me and I said yes.  That was probably the best decision I’ll make this week.

The launch, which is the second collaboration between Moleskine and Adobe, took place at WeWorks, a coworking office space in Manhattan (one of several locations) and was very well organized.  Reps from both companies were there to greet me.  I was guided to a desk just in time for the demo and information session.  Attendees were given a tour of the devices and we were able to use both firsthand.

Before I go on, I need to let you know that I have no drawing talent whatsoever.  But even my talentless self could appreciate the power of using the Pen and Paper Tablet.  Artists, illustrators and graphic designers will be able to create their work using the Paper Tablet and Pen from start to finish, which can be done in two ways.  The tablet houses special paper within its covers, with each page containing icons at the top that trigger different actions.  Users can either work solely on the paper itself using the Pen, which stores each stroke and can be password protected.  Once connected to Illustrator Creative Cloud, work stored on the Pen can then be uploaded for editing.  Users can also create in real time, which is what we did during the demo.  Like I said, I am no artist and the pitiful heart I drew solidified my lack of artistry.  But seeing my work go from paper to screen was mind-blowing.

Luckily, a real artist came to the demo and sat right next to me.  Dani from Royal Flush Magazine (royalflushmagazine.com) put that Pen and Paper Tablet to work and I was able to see what they could really do.  The tools were made for artists like her.  She sketched a couple of faces in a matter of minutes and I watched in awe as her creations came to life on paper and on screen.  Dani then used some of Illustrator CC’s onscreen tools to manipulate her creations, change the color, brush stroke, opacity and anything else she wanted to play with or edit.

The Pen is lightweight and easy to handle, uses ink but is also rechargeable so it can be used on the go.  There’s no need to press down too hard, as contact with the Paper Tablet was effortless.  From what I could see with my limited knowledge of Illustrator CC, there seemed to be a plethora of colors, patterns and other tools to create and edit a user’s ideas and images.

Moleskine and Adobe seamlessly merged the purist’s need to create on paper with a modern twist for the tech-savvy.  The Pen and Paper Tablet are available for purchase starting today.  Below is a short video so you can see for yourself how these tools work and whether they’re right for you.


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