Balance Is B.S.: How To Have A Work. Life. Blend – Tamara Loehr

Author: Tamara Loehr
Rating:  4.2 Stars
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Having it all can be tough, especially in a world that tells women that we can have it all.  We just need to work harder, be smarter and make some sacrifices.  But what if you didn’t have to balance at all?  What if you could just blend?  That’s what Tamara Loehr will touch us in her new book, Balance Is B.S.: How To Have A Work. Life. Blend.

Ms. Loehr is no stranger to balancing.  As a former singer, current successful businesswoman, wife, mother and now author, she knows what it takes to make things happen.  In her book, she doesn’t teach us how to have it all.  Instead, she shows us how to navigate our goals, our work, our personal lives and blend them into a life we deserve.  Ms. Loehr uses her experiences in her own life to show women that we can have success in all aspects without burning ourselves out or sacrificing the things that matter to us most.

In Balance Is B.S., Ms. Loehr isn’t just about telling us what we need to do.  She lets us figure that out ourselves by providing exercises that really make women think about what’s important to them.  With a series of questions that get to the root of what makes us feel fulfilled, happy and successful, Ms. Loehr guides us into blending our lives in a no-nonsense and often hilarious style.  One particular chapter I appreciated was the one titled, “Vision Boards Are Bullshit – How To Set Effective Goals.”  First, I laughed out loud at the title before I read the chapter.  I think vision boards are great, but I’ve never created one myself.  I know people who swear by them and create a new one every year.  But I’ve never been the type to create my own.  Instead, I just list a bunch of things I’d like to accomplish and check them off as I go.  Like most people, whenever I did that, I would be disappointed if I hadn’t completed at least half of my goals by a certain time.

One of my biggest goals was finishing my degree at my dream school.  Anytime I had a setback, I would always say to myself, “I’m never going to finish.”  In Balance Is B.S., Ms. Loehr talks about how most people use negativity when describing the goals they want to reach.  I was the same.  I would say, “I don’t want to be in debt,” or “I can’t live in this apartment any longer.”  What Ms. Loehr suggests is that when you use negative thoughts to reach a goal, you aren’t doing it to make yourself happy more than you’re trying to get away from the thing you don’t want to be.

The exercises in the book are simple, but very effective.  They make you think about what you want to achieve in all aspects of your life.  And they’re meant to be taken seriously, so you don’t have to rush through them.  I know slowing down is a new concept these days in our fast-paced world, but trust me, you’ll want to sit with them and really think about your answers.  I plan to read through the book again, this time taking my sweet time to figure out how I can blend my life.

Balance Is B.S. will be available on April 9, but you can pre-order it now.  I highly recommend it.

I received an advance copy of Balance Is B.S. from the publisher.


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