Game of Thrones, Season 8 – The Long Night




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Now that I’ve gotten my nerves under control, I can talk about this episode of Game of Thrones.  It really did feel like the longest night of my life!!

The episode, which had one of the greatest battles I’ve seen on GOT (although “Battle of the Bastards” is still my favorite of them all) was nothing but pure, nerve-wracking fighting.  My heart was racing and I was on edge up until the very end.

When the episode began, everyone was ready to fight.  The Dothraki, the Unsullied, the Starks, the Mormonts, the Wildlings, and everyone else who promised to fight for the living.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be at war and I hope I never do (support your veterans, people).  The looks on their faces were enough to know that they were terrified.  Even Grey Worm, who is never scared when it comes to battle.  But this war was against Death itself.  The Night King.  The one who wanted to rid the world of life and cover the world in darkness.  So imagine my surprise when the first person we saw coming from the dark was Melisandre.  She knew what her purpose was for this fight and she did her duty, the first being to light all of the Dothraki swords on fire!!  That scene was the first of many to knock my socks off.

Once the swords were lit, the Dothraki charged into the darkness, along with Jorah and all you saw was a sea of fire on the move.  But once they got close to the White Walkers, the fires started to extinguish and all you heard were screams.  Not long after, a couple of horses, a handful of Dothraki and Jorah returned, bloody and scared.  The Dothraki horde was obliterated in a matter of minutes.  The war had begun.

It didn’t take long for the White Walkers to charge and boy did they ever.  There were THOUSANDS of them and they swarmed the living.  It’s very hard to describe the battle without filling this post with spoilers.  I really don’t want to do that this time because I want you to see it for yourself.  Intense is an understatement.  It was frightening, bloody, terrifying, seemingly endless and you never knew who was going to make it out alive.  There definitely were plenty of deaths.  Most were sad and bloody, but there were a few that were just badass, one death in particular.  Also, all that shyte about the crypts being the safest place was just that.  Shyte.

The only thing I will say is that ARYA STARK, FIRST OF HER NAME, DEFENDER OF THE NORTH AND A GODDAMN BADASS IS THE GODDAMN G.O.A.T. OF WESTEROS!!  If you haven’t already seen the episode, friggin watch and you’ll understand why.  Don’t let the Internet ruin it for you, if possible.

I’m definitely going to watch the episode again because I was too nervous and I know I missed something.  This has been some weekend, with Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones, my nerves are shot.

What did you think of the episode?  Who do you think will win in the next war?  And will Jon ever stop being a damn dummy?

Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs at 9pm on HBO.  Photos courtesy of HBO.

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