Watch Room

Hello, my dear readers!  It’s finally Summer, the weather has taken a turn for the better and it’s been sunny skies since the beginning of the solstice.  Time for beaches, rooftop bars and, of course, Summer films.

I had the pleasure of viewing a short film called Watch Room and I wanted to take the time to tell all of you about it.  It’s pretty trippy and will have you thinking about things after watching.  I’ve watched it twice already and I think you will too.

Nate, Bernard and Chloe (Mamoudou Athie, Jacob Batalon and Alice Kremelberg, respectively) are three young techies conducting experiments in Nate’s garage, pushing the Artificial Intelligence envelope with KATE, a self-aware AI designed to act like a human.  Through VR (virtual reality), the trio comes to an impasse when KATE fails a key experiment that could revolutionize AI.  After that failure, Bernie and Chloe insist that KATE be shut down so they can start from scratch.  But honey, KATE ain’t about to let that happen.

Watch Room, which is a smooth 17 minutes, packs a punch in such a short period of time.  When KATE (played by Natalie Paul) begins to show signs of self-modification, that’s when things start to take a turn.  But this isn’t a film about AI gone horribly wrong, it’s much deeper than that and KATE’s agenda is revealed slowly and effectively.  I’ve seen so many films where the tech or AI being developed goes psycho for one reason or another.  Thankfully, Watch Room is nothing like that, which is refreshing to see.

The trailer for Watch Room is below and the films drops today on DUST’s official YouTube channel and all major platforms, joining the studio’s plethora of science-fiction shorts and content.  Now excuse me while I watch this film for the third time.

Trailer and photo provided by Scandal Co-Active


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