Daisy Jones & The Six – Taylor Jenkins Reid

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Rating:  4.8 Stars
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Let me say this to you, my lovely readers: Daisy Jones & The Six is straight up rock and roll.  That’s what I kept saying to myself as I blazed through this amazing book.

Daisy Jones is one of those women who everyone remembers.  She’s rich, beautiful, and has a powerhouse voice.  All she wants to do is write songs, but being rich and beautiful, no one takes her seriously.  Billy Dunne is the lead singer of the rock band, The Six.  He’s magnetic on stage, but a mess when he’s off.  Fate (and music) bring these two dynamos together and, like I said, it’s all rock and roll from there.

Daisy Jones & The Six could have been any old story about a rock band’s rise and eventual fall, but there’s so much more to it.  Yes, it’s about sex, drugs and rock and roll.  But the story is also about what happens when the one you love is the one who breaks your heart into a million little pieces.  When the one you don’t see coming is the one you can’t have.  It’s about temptation, addiction and family.  It’s about anger, self-doubt and regret.  And it’s about reaching for the sky and getting there like a goddamn rocket.

Taylor Jenkins Reid has written a novel that reads like a true Hollywood story, only better.  It held me captive from the very first page and I was hooked until the last.  The author captured the era of rock bands of the 70s, and the excesses of the time.  Disco reigned supreme, Studio 54 was the hottest club in town and everyone was indulging in some vice or another.  Ms. Reid writes with a clear vision of what this book is all about and pulls various emotions from readers, whether we like it or not.  Sometimes Daisy and Billy are not likable characters.  But we still feel for them, we still want them to succeed, even when they’re being complete jerks.  Because these rock and rollers are first and foremost human beings, full of flaws and craving that thing we all want: love.

I had such a great time reading Daisy Jones & The Six and I know you will as well.  The novel is out now and has been burning up the bestseller charts, and for good reason.  Pick up a copy for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.  I highly recommend it.

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