Special Event: Moleskine Pen + Paper Tablet – Creative Cloud Connected Launch

I rarely go to events that do not involve books in some form or fashion.  But when I received an invitation to try the new Moleskine Pen + Paper Tablet, curiosity got the better of me and I said yes.  That was probably the best decision I’ll make this week. The launch, which is the second collaboration between Moleskine and Adobe, took place at WeWorks, a coworking office space in Manhattan (one of several locations) and was very well organized.  Reps from both companies were there to greet me.  I was guided to a desk just in time for the … Continue reading Special Event: Moleskine Pen + Paper Tablet – Creative Cloud Connected Launch

Eat, Drink & Be Literary 2017

Well, it’s that time again.  Time to, well, eat, drink and be literary.  Brooklyn Academy of Music (affectionately known as BAM) is hosting its annual event where regular schmoes like me get to have dinner and pick the brains of their favorite authors.  I attended last year’s event with guest author Zadie Smith (see my post here) and besides being in awe of Ms. Smith and her brilliant brain, I enjoyed the food, the crowd and the space itself.  Being surrounded by fellow book lovers was a joy. This year’s lineup proves to be a great one, with the likes of … Continue reading Eat, Drink & Be Literary 2017

I Survived the Papal Visit

America was in a frenzy when the Vatican revealed that Pope Francis would be visiting the States during his world tour. New York was in full-on crazy mode when residents learned the Pontiff would be visiting our fair city. How long would he be here? Would there be a mass? And most importantly, how do we get tickets? New York answered that last question by holding a lottery for tickets to see the Pope’s procession in Central Park. Since I never win anything, I decided to enter just because. Well man was I wrong, because that was the weekend that … Continue reading I Survived the Papal Visit