Aaaaand I’m back!

Yes people, I’m back.  Did you miss me?  Of course you did!  And I missed all of you, too.  Time to get this thing going.  I’ve got some great books to tell you about, starting with Chloe Benjamin’s upcoming novel, The Immortalists.  I’ll be posting that review shortly, along with reviews of Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, Sara Taylor’s The Lauras and so many more.  I’m really excited to tell you about a book series by Philip Reeve, which I absolutely love.  And, of course, I’m gearing up for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead!  It’s all out war, … Continue reading Aaaaand I’m back!

Game of Thrones – Season 7 Finale

I have way too many feelings right now!!  So.  Many.  Feelings.  Arya and Sansa.  Jon and Dany.  Cersei and Jaime.  THE NIGHT KING!!!  And now we have to wait another year for the final season???  Really, HBO??  You give us an unbelievable episode like this one and then you say, “Hey suckers.  Hope you enjoyed that one cuz it’s gonna be a long ass winter before you see the last season.  Buckle up, bitches.”  Damn you, HBO!!  Damn you!! Now would be a good time for George R.R. Martin to FINALLY release the next book in the series.  We need … Continue reading Game of Thrones – Season 7 Finale